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What people are saying about our shirts

My MPG shirt is so soft, it reminds me of curling up next to the fireplace on a cold winter night, closing my eyes and listening to the waves. My MPG shirt makes me feel like I’m home.

Carol, Portland ME


Getting a PHD sounds like a great thing, right? For me it was a source of anxiety. It meant I’d have to step out into the world of job-hunting where carrying a support blanket isn’t socially acceptable and would be hard to explain to prospective bosses. Since I started carrying my MPG shirt, it gives me the security, comfort and confidence to stand out in a crowd without looking strange.

Carl, SF, CA


MPG was our first concert together. A friend of mine got the guitar player to pop the question over the mic, in front of thousands of people. Now every time I see her in her MPG shirt I feel like I’m falling in love all over again.

Ed, Schenectady, NY


Last year a fire broke out in my dorm. It was so hot we couldn’t touch the door. We had no choice but to jump out the window. I strung together the brand new MPG shirts my brother sent me and was able to lower myself down from the second floor. The tri-blend material made the shirt stretchy and strong enough for three of us to escape. My MPG shirt saved my life.

Jacob, Nashua, NH

My MPG shirt and I are doing our part to save the sea turtles. Four nights a month I volunteer as a turtle-nesting scout. Baby sea turtles hatch from the nest and go directly towards the moon. It’s light helps them find their way to the ocean. When people wear white shirts, baby sea turtles get confused and move away from the sea to face predators and peril. My V- Neck, Heather black MPG shirt never comes between a sea turtle and the ocean. 

Lisa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica


I almost made it. Two years ago I was finally going to run that marathon. I’d trained for years for that moment. It had gotten dark during the last four miles of the race. All that kept me going was the glow on the road that reflected off the gold in my MPG shirt. With one kilometre to go, someone crossed in front of me, snagging my toe. I went flying. Two years and two operations later, I’m almost ready to start training again. This time my MPG shirt and I are going all the way.

Marc, Toronto, Canada

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